The 2018 LMA Lifetime Achievement Award recipient is Michelle "Mike" Streiffer. In addition to being the first LMA President, she was instrumental in the initial legislation in 1976 leading to the founding of LMA. The award luncheon took place on Saturday, September 29th in Ponchatoula.  Click on the link above to see more content and pictures from this very special event.

LMA is currently working to plan our workshops for the 2019-2020 school year. Please check back again soon for more information.  We will be partnering with the Southern Montessori Consortium during the fall of 2020 to serve as a host for their annual Montessori conference.

Let us help you grow as a Montessorian!  Through the link provided above, please provide us with input regarding additional training opportunities you would like to have offered, or additional elements you would like included on this website.

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