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LMA proudly joined Montessori schools and organizations around the world in celebrating Montessori Education Week during the last week of February.

Click below to see the proclamation issued by Governor John Bel Edwards declaring the official Montessori Education week in the state of Louisiana.

February 20-26, 2022

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How do you celebrate?

We want to see all of the ways you choose to celebrate Montessori education in your community!

Tag Louisiana Montessori Association in your Facebook posts

Use the hashtags #MontessoriEdWeek and #LouisianaMontessori

Send us emails with photos of your school's activities

  • Create a "testimonial wall" with statements and drawings by students, parents & staff

  • Organize a school spirit day / week

  • Read a biography of Maria Montessori

  • Reach out to school alumni

  • Share Montessori "quotes of the day" with parents

  • Start a parent education book club (begin with Montessori: A Modern Approach by Paula Lillard)

  • Create a banner for the front of your school

  • Write acrostic poems using the word MONTESSORI

  • Collect Acts of Kindness and display them creatively

  • Plant a tree

  • Have students create t-shirts to wear

  • Share teachers' albums with parents

  • Take a Walk for Peace on your campus

  • Choose a craft activity to present each day involving peace (thumbprint dove, origami, making a lovelight)

  • Discuss what each student is most grateful for

  • Learn the Montessori 150 song

  • Release "bubbles of peace"

  • Have students create an art project on their favorite materials or work


Here are some 


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