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Who needs a
 site visit?

Schools making their initial application for membership


Schools needing to make improvements to meet approval requirements


All member schools on a five-year cycle (your school will be contacted by the Visitation Committee)


An existing member school adding a new program (age grouping) or facility

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What to Expect

The visitation committee will be observing your classrooms for required Montessori materials and the appropriateness of the physical environment. Your administrative files will also be assessed for required documentation.


Checklists for administrative records and materials at each program level can be found below, as well as the LMA Handbook.

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What to Prepare


Visitation fee of $75, made out to Louisiana Montessori Association or paid via PayPal.



Mileage payment – You will be notified of the amount and who is payable prior to your visit.

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After the Visit

You will receive a letter from the visitation team detailing the assessment of your visit and indicating any necessary changes or improvements to maintain approval status. 


If all is in order, your next site visit will be scheduled for five years from the current school year. 

Follow-up visits may be scheduled with the Committee as necessary.

Required materials

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