LMA plays an essential role in certifying nonpublic Montessori schools and teachers in the state. Louisiana Montessori laws define this role of LMA and how it works in conjunction with the Louisiana Department of Education (LDOE). These laws create a nonpublic Montessori school accreditation system and a nonpublic Montessori teacher certification system separate and distinct from the school accreditation and teacher certification systems for other nonpublic and public schools. We also work in conjunction with and as a support to the LDOE in helping to supervise standards and in filing annual reports for nonpublic Louisiana Montessori schools.


We work with nonpublic Montessori schools and teachers in Louisiana in a support capacity to the LDOE, helping them to meet and maintain Montessori educational standards for educating children in the State of Louisiana.

LMA provides such services as:

  • being a liaison between LDOE and Montessori schools

  • being a liaison between LDOE and Montessori teachers

  • working with Montessori schools to provide annual reports to LDOE

  • conducting periodic site visitations to Montessori schools to ensure compliance with Montessori standards of education

  • providing LMA analysis of status determination reports to LDOE as to whether individual schools are approved, provisionally approved or not approved as regards to meeting Montessori and state department standards for accreditation

  • providing support services to Montessori schools and teachers as requested and needed

  • providing centralized record keeping for Louisiana Montessori schools and teachers

  • providing inquiry into complaints that may be lodged against a school

  • providing information regarding Montessori education and educational standards to the Montessori community

Our Goals

  • Setting high professional standards for authentic Montessori education to be practiced in Louisiana nonpublic schools

  • Certifying and approving qualified nonpublic Montessori schools for state accreditation and qualified nonpublic Montessori teachers for state certification

  • Responding to requests from Louisiana nonpublic Montessori schools and teachers for information on membership, accreditation and certification, as well as information on accredited teacher training in the United States

  • Informing the public about nonpublic accredited Montessori schools in Louisiana

  • Advocating for policies supporting and increasing the availability of authentic Montessori education in Louisiana

  • Organizing workshops for continuing education and dissemination of information to our Montessori member schools

  • Supporting members by actively responding to the common needs as they arise, as well as supporting the certification process of new schools

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