LMA School Membership

Membership is open to

  • nonpublic Montessori schools which are state accredited;

  • Montessori schools which are LMA certified for LDOE approval status; and

  • Montessori schools which are in the process of applying for certification for approval.


To apply for membership, please fill out Form IA-001.


All LMA school members are invited attend meetings and other functions provided by the association. Attendance by member schools is open to all faculty and staff associated with the school (i.e., the school's owner, Head of School, administrative staff, teachers and assistants). Voting and other rights and responsibilities of members are referenced in the LMA Handbook for Nonpublic Montessori Schools and Teachers.


Benefits of LMA School Membership

Benefits include:

  • Listing on our website as a LMA Member school once the school has been approved by LMA and LDOE as a Louisiana Montessori School.

  • Access to our membership support services.

  • Membership status on our website and access to pertinent folders within the LMA Google Drive for procedures and forms to facilitate certification and accreditation and annual renewals, as well as procedures on how to properly prepare for LMA site visits and for LMA and LDOE site or desk audits.

  • LMA Seal of Accreditation® - Once a school is approved and accredited by LDOE, a Montessori School may use the LMA Seal of Accreditation to promote its status as an accredited LMA Montessori School in Louisiana. Note: The use of the Seal of Accreditation does not include the transfer of any rights or proprietary interests in or to the Seal of Accreditation to any particular Montessori School. A Montessori School may only use the Seal of Accreditation as long as the school retains its accreditation and remains an LMA member school in good standing.

  • Becoming a part of the Montessori community in Louisiana.

  • Advancing the cause of Montessori education in Louisiana.

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